The SLED16X5 skirting profile creates a discreet and innovative finish from flooring to wall, window(frame) or stair step – wherever connection and expansion joints have to be observed in terms of construction.

Suitable for:​
Parquet, Laminate, design floors and tiles – for floor thicknesses from 5 mm

minileiste SLED16X5-01 Silber
Zeichnung minileiste SLED16X5

LED lighting

All commercially available LED strips can be used for the LED lighting:

When mounting the LED units horizontally, LED strips up to 8 mm wide can be used.

LED strips up to 12 mm wide can be mounted on the sloping inner side of the strip.

The SLED16X5 skirting profile also can be used as a cable duct with or without LED unit.

LED strips are not included in the scope of delivery.

Smart lighting geometry

he SLED16X5 skirting profile creates a discreet lighting ambience in the simplest way: a homogeneous light line visually separates the skirting profile from the wall when the LED lighting unit is switched on. Classic LED plastic cover profiles are not required and therefore do not impair the visual appearance even when switched off.

The SLED16X5 skirting profile of course can also be used without an LED unit.

Due to the inclined outer surface, almost no dust can settle on the profile.

minileiste SLED16X5-03 Schwarz

Silver silk matt EV1

minileiste SLED16X5-01 Silber

Titanium silk matt C31

minileiste SLED16X5-02 Titan

Black silk matt C35

minileiste SLED16X5-03 Schwarz

White finely structured RAL 9016

minileiste SLED16X5-04 Weiss

Gold silk matt EV3

minileiste SLED16X5-05 Gold

Tool-free, quick and easy

Our end profile SLED16X5 can be installed easily, without tools and without visible fastening points: No drilling, no screwing, no hammering, no dirt, no noise, no annoyance. Irregularities in the masonry can be easily compensated for by simply attaching additional mounting clips if necessary.

Easy assembly in just 8 steps

Step 1

The width of the connection joint should be between 5 and 13 mm depending on the profile system used (see data sheets). The thickness of the floor covering must also be taken into account. Our X5 systems can be used from a minimum floor covering thickness of 5 mm.

Step 2

The dimensions for the profile cuts are taken from the wall surfaces. Miter cuts for inside and outside corners are taken into account.

Step 3

The profiles are cut to size. The miter cut for the inside or outside corner is made in one operation. The profile is pressed securely onto a wooden support and positioned in the saw so that it is cut. The cutting direction of the saw presses the profile against the wood support during the cutting process.

Step 4

The mounting clips are pushed into the end strip at the front. Attention: Two opposing shoulders are incorporated into the end strip, between which the mounting clips are easily guided.

Step 5

The mounting clips should be pushed into the end strip at a distance of about 30 to 60 cm from one another. Depending on the unevenness in the masonry, individual mounting clips can be installed at closer intervals so that the end strip is flush with the masonry.

Step 6

The end strip with the inserted mounting clips is now brought into the mounting position on the wall surface. With the mounting aid, the mounting clips are carefully spread apart by pressing the mounting clips towards the wall with the mounting aid.

Step ​7

As soon as the clamping process is complete, the end strip is pressed down and the assembly aid removed. Now the tensioning and assembly process is repeated until all assembly clips of an end strip are tensioned and sunk. The end strip can be removed from the connection joint at any time for any corrections.

Step 8

The end strip is installed. After a short check, the next section can be installed.

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